On tour with Morris – day 3 – Waking by the Sea

Having been woken by the dogs at 05:30, the early morning view across Conway Bay was staggering. The sun was rising through what was left of the rain clouds from the previous day.  The sea was sparkling like a bejewelled road indicating the way back to the mainland but that just made the spot I was parked in on Anglesey all the more appealing.  From my window I could see terns diving into the sparkling sea, cormorants fishing off the rocks nearby, flocks of curlew and oystercatchers passing by and the odd heron gliding gracefully into the wind.  A little bit of patience and staring out of the window, whilst lazily using my pillow for support, and I briefly spotted a seal passing by.  Minutes later an egret settled on the rocks bringing an exotic air to the wildlife experience.



I decided there and then that the day would not be for driving but for taking in the sights and sounds of Penmon and Black Points on the NE corner of Anglesey.

Later in the day I set off with the dogs walking from the pull-in where the van was parked to the lighthouse at Black Point.  On the way the views on this particularly sunny day reminded me of looking from one Greek island to another.  Down at the point the sea lapped around the lighthouse, the rocky shore awaited the tide rehydrate the pools and refresh the anemones and seaweed.





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